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1. Rebree M.

Went here back in 2021 and had excellent food and service. Came back here this year and it was the first restaurant I came back for! Shout out to J.M for her terrific service!

2. Steve L.

There a good reason what there is a wait. Outstanding soups and great variety of choices. They are efficient and even though it is small place, once you sit down your order comes out fast. The reason is that when you put your name on the waitlist they will ask you to pre-order. Love the choice of their purple rice, which they call 'brown'. Be very careful, soup come out boing hot. As for parking, your best bet is to pay the valet as they do pack in a lot of cars in the lot. Small space, efficient service, great authentic soups.

3. Nathaniel J B.

Don't sleep on the Kalbi Tang!!! Yes spicy Kalbi Jihm is a must but any time is a great time to indulge with the perfect soup with tons of tender deliciousness of brisket and Kalbi with perfect amount of vegetables green onions and mushrooms!!!

4. Lanyu Y.

Love the cheese short rib here!! Servers all super nice!! Definitely a 5 star! Recommend recommend!!

5. Stephanie S.

Galbi Jjim is fantastic. Service is super. Jackie is sooooo good! Shorter queue than the one in Ktown. Valet parking 4$